• DobLis is an Open Source Android library that provides to ListView adding ProgressBar (or any view) to the footer of ListView to be shown in loading more, and callback that is called when reaching last item in ListView.

    作者:bilalsammour 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • Android ProgressBar that "bends" under its own weight. Inspired by http://drbl.in/nwih

    作者:cdeange 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • some beautiful android loading drawable, can be combined with any view as the loading view and the progressbar. besides, some Drawable also can customize the loading progress.

    作者:dinuscxj 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • Android custom Circular ProgresBar and Line ProgressBar with progress percentage shown

    作者:natasam 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • A small Android library allowing you to have a smooth and customizable horizontal indeterminate ProgressBar

    作者:castorflex 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • Android View to simplify working with ProgressBar

    作者:antonkrasov 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • Create circular progressBar in android

    作者:lopspower 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • 继承ProgressBar实现的两种风格的滚动条,非常容易理解。

    作者:hongyangAndroid 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • Holo Circular ProgressBar

    作者:passsy 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • A beautiful, slim Android ProgressBar.

    作者:daimajia 来源:github 2016-06-19
  • An android library to display a progressbar that goes around an image.

    作者:mrwonderman 来源:github 2016-06-19
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