• TLint for 虎扑体育 基于Dagger2+RxJava+Retrofit开发,采用MVP模式

    作者:gzsll 来源:GitHub 2016-06-18
  • MD版的花瓣网App

    作者:LiCola 来源:GitHub 2016-06-18
  • Cool blurred grid menu for Android.

    作者:gotokatsuya 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • An Android Wear Menu implementation

    作者:florent37 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Android Overlay Menu

    作者:sephiroth74 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • An Android Library that allows users to pull down a menu and select different actions. It can be implemented inside ScrollView, GridView, ListView.

    作者:ShkurtiA 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • A simple SlideMenu library with two menu behind content for Android developer, just feel free to fork, this project need your contribution.

    作者:TangKe 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • imitate Tumblr's menu, dragging animations look like a snake

    作者:xmuSistone 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • ButtonMenu is an Android library created to build user interfaces based on buttons. This library has been implemented using Model View ViewModel pattern combined with an Android custom view that extends LinearLayout.

    作者:tuenti 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Simple and easy to use circular menu widget for Android.

    作者:anupcowkur 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Menu with items on a rotating circle

    作者:szugyi 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • 作者:gitgrimbo 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • [Deprecated] An implemention of Filter Menu concept for android

    作者:linroid 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • DropDownMenu for Android,Filter the list based on multiple condition.

    作者:JayFang1993 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Android Fab Button with Gooey effect

    作者:anshulagarwal2k 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • An elegant way to show your menu or messages.

    作者:daimajia 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • An easy generator of Floating Action Button (FAB) for Android based on Material Design

    作者:onivas 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • an animated circular menu for Android

    作者:oguzbilgener 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • 自定义ViewGroup实现的圆形旋转菜单,支持跟随手指旋转以及快速旋转。

    作者:hongyangAndroid 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Neat library, that provides a simple way to implement guillotine-styled animation

    作者:Yalantis 来源:github 2016-06-18
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