• A ready to use android app template. Powered by Android Annotations Retrofit API ready to be used Picasso for image loading Snackbar, RecyclerView, Pull to Refresh etc. Feedback contact by email for feedback / Settings Page with some dummy settings etc.

    作者:AndreiD 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • A pull to refresh layout for android, the RecyclerRefreshLayout is based on the SwipeRefreshLayout. support all the views, highly customizable, code simplicity, etc

    作者:dinuscxj 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • An Android sample integrates PullToRefresh with SwipeListView (可同时支持下拉刷新和侧滑功能)

    作者:licaomeng 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • android custom listview,with interaction pattern load more and pull to refresh to load data dinamically

    作者:shontauro 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • 各种pulltorefresh动画的合集

    作者:ufo22940268 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • A RecyclerView library for Android which support pull-to-refresh ,auto-load-more and add header.

    作者:HomHomLin 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • 根据Maxwin的XListView改造而来,完善下拉刷新上拉加载更多的功能并实现自动刷新以及自动加载等功能, 并增加对ScrollView的支持。 原XListView参考链接:https://github.com/Maxwin-z/XListView-Android

    作者:MarkMjw 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Android下拉刷新开源库集锦,提供源码用于学习和研究

    作者:TellH 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • ListView supports pull refresh and pull up to load more feature.

    作者:Maxwin-z 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Android widget with pull to refresh for all the views,and support loadMore for ListView , RecyclerView, GridView and SwipeRefreshLayout.

    作者:Chanven 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Android下拉刷新上拉加载控件,对所有View通用!

    作者:jingchenUSTC 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • A generic, customizable, open source Android ListView implementation that has 'Pull to Refresh' functionality.

    作者:erikwt 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • DEPRECATED This project aims to provide a reusable pull to refresh widget for Android.

    作者:johannilsson 来源:github 2016-06-18
  • Ultra Pull to Refresh for Android. Support all the views.

    作者:liaohuqiu 来源:github 2016-06-18

    作者:chrisbanes 来源:github 2016-06-18
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